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Word Choice Adapt vs Adopt - Proofeds Writing Tips Blog

Word Choice Adapt vs Adopt Word Choice: Adapt vs. Adopt There are many English words which are spelled similarly but have completely different meanings. The words adapt and adopt, for instance, are separated by a single vowel in terms of spelling but differ significantly in use. In cases like this, it is important to use each word properly. Doing so will help you to avoid easily preventable mistakes and ensure that you communicate your ideas clearly. As such, we’ve prepared the following guide to help you know when to adapt and when to adopt. Adapt (Change to Suit a Specific Purpose) The term â€Å"adapt† means to make something suitable for a specific situation or purpose. You might therefore want to â€Å"adapt† a novel into a film or a recipe to make it gluten-free. It can also refer to the ability to adjust to new circumstances: Being able to adapt was important for survival in the jungle. In either case, â€Å"adapt† refers to making an adjustment of some kind. Adopt (Make Ones Own) The word â€Å"adopt† means to take something on as one’s own. There are numerous contexts in which this can be used, including taking on the legal responsibilities of a parent: Jenny and Jane decided to adopt the orphan child. However, adopt can also be used more broadly to describe following a course of action or appropriating an idea. For example: After reading de Saussure, Kim adopted a structuralist approach. In both cases, the key to understanding â€Å"adopt† is that someone is choosing to make something their own. Adapt or Adopt? Since these words have very different meanings, the main thing is remembering how each one is spelled. If you are having trouble with this, you might want to focus on just one of the words: if you remember that â€Å"adapt† is spelled with an â€Å"a† and means â€Å"to change,† you will then know that â€Å"adopt† (with an â€Å"o†) means to appropriate something as one’s own. But it can be easy to overlook these things, so to make sure that your writing is free from unfortunate mistakes, you can send academic papers, business reports or any other document you might need checking to the expert proofreaders at Proofed. We’ll even check a 500-word sample for free! And if you need more guidance on vocabulary, don’t forget to check out the word choice archive in our academic blog.

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Making race, sex and empire Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Making race, sex and empire - Assignment Example Challenges of the living in America included racial segregation on different grounds. A point in case is that affluent students undermined the lowly class members. The standard term for the day was â€Å"Check your privileges† developing from a majority perspective of superior individuals. The term had several implications for various people who tried to understand the cause of segregation. As such, the school environment posed numerous challenges that included lack of concentration and an uncomfortable feeling. I remember the majority class members segregating students hailing from poor families. Importantly, teachers also added another element of racism by specific comments. Personal experiences in the American neighborhood inflicted a sad reality of the harsh treatment in the world for minority individuals. As such, growing up had various challenges that served as hard lessons. In conclusion, racism is a despicable matter finding roots to the contemporary societies. As an opinion, civic education is important in fighting the vice within the modern

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How consumers react to print advertisements on second hand cars that Research Paper

How consumers react to print advertisements on second hand cars that have been labeled as offensive - Research Paper Example The two print advertisements that received the most negative perceptions both contained sexually-oriented body images. The survey also found that advertising perceptions had a significant impact on consumers’ intentions to reject the products and the brands. Introduction Various companies have been using different ways of promoting their products and increasing sales. This will enable them to fulfill the business objectives i.e. profit maximization and maximization of shareholders wealth. One way of creating this product mix is advertising. Advertising is a public promotion of some product or service with the aim of drawing attention and in the process, persuade potential consumers to buy the product or service. Offensive advertisement has been supported by some while others have elicited a lot of controversy. The supporters argue that the world needs controversial adverts because they are usually more creative and therefore easy to remember. Problem Statement This research wa s motivated to take an in-depth look at the adverts that have been regarded as offensive and how it affects the society. With firms increasingly using advertising as a way of boosting sales, there needs to be a way to monitor and give views on what these firms present to the society. Some adverts are educative and very informative but others are offensive and tend to be racist, degrading to women or just insulting. Scope This research will only focus on the offensive ads in the media that have elicited controversy. But the research was conducted on the used cars advert, which features a blonde woman posing seductively. The report will be aimed at establishing views on the morality and sense of such advertisement being aired and printed on papers. The rest of the report... The research looked at the effects of offensive advertising featured by Dale Wurfel Used vehicles on the consumers. The results of the study were mixed. It was expected that the respondents would perceive the advertisements more negatively this was only partly the case. Some considered the ads more often offensive, uncomfortable, disgusting and impolite while others judged them to be more irritating and ridiculous. It seems, however to suggest that consumers are more likely to appreciate the creative elements in the potentially offensive advertisements. Other consumers, however, are likely to appreciate the informative elements in the potentially offensive advertisements. The survey also demonstrates that advertisers in have to be careful when using potentially offensive advertisements. Results indicate that the more negative the ads are perceived, the higher the likelihood of rejecting the products and the brands. This was especially true for some respondents, who showed a significa nt higher tendency to reject the products and the brands. The less creative/appealing the ad was the higher the likelihood of rejecting the products and the brands. The â€Å"creative/appealing† factor was the most important factor to explain and predict the rejection of the products and the brands. To conclude, the survey provides evidence that different consumers in the two cultures react differently to offensive print advertising of a limited type of offensiveness.

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Sammy Case Essay Example for Free

Sammy Case Essay Assignment Question: Base on what you have learned in this course, your textbook and any reference books that you may have read, what are the problems that the main character has? What possible solutions would you suggest (with theoretical support) to solve the problems? In referring to your own life, what have you learned from this scenario and how can you apply these into your life? 1. Introduction According to the case study of assignment, it seems to me that Sammy encountered great difficulties in a couple of problems on intrapersonal and interpersonal competencies, which keep weakening her family relationship as well as her way of living. In the following, there will be three sections for the above discussion. First, based on what I have learned in my course, I will attempt to illustrate out the most important problems that suffered by Sammy. The second part, some possible recommendations will be provided so as to help her building up a positive relationship with her parents as well as her siblings, peer fellow or elsewhere. At last, I would like to conclude with my personal sharing which is completely learned from this scenario. 2.Three General Character’s Problems 2.1Lost Of Self Obviously, Sammy is getting lost in herself. She mess up with her unexamined life and confused by the question of â€Å"Who am I?† from the inside out. She doesn’t realize herself clearly as she even doesn’t know what she likes or dislikes. It determines that Sammy was incapable of knowing herself and seems have unclear goal in future. This would be the major reason drive her getting an unsatisfactory result in public examination. She has attempted to make choice just fulfilling what her parents want her to do; however, once situation getting worse, she have lost her own decision to determine what should do soon. She has no idea about her totality of thoughts and feelings with reference to herself as an object. (Rosenberg, 1979) 2.2Low Self-Esteem Besides, Sammy often keeps comparing herself with others by physical appearance, talent, popularity, etc. However, she harbored negative feelings about all her surrounding people. These comparisons could only diminish her uniqueness and further result to make her losing of confidence. It revealed that the value she placed on herself is quiet low. It seems to me that the four sources of self-esteem, (1) social interaction, (2) social information, (3) social comparison, and (4) self-observation (Baron, 1990) have been damaged and unplugged in her case. 2.3Communication Problem Last but not lease, there is a clear communication problem within Sammy’s family. She seldom talks peacefully and sincerely with her parents. Having quarreled once, Sammy chose to avoid communicating with them which only weaken much more on their family relationships. 3.Three Possible Recommendations Here are 3 possible solutions for Sammy: 3.1Exploring Developmental Areas Firstly, Sammy ought to recognize more about herself. Human development researchers pay attention to four developmental areas of self, which are physical self, mental self, emotional self and social self (Hanna, Suggett, Radtke, 2007). And in which the mental self indicates the learning abilities, thought-processing patterns, as well as attitude and motivation are facets of this important area of the self. So, Sammy needs to be strengthened on her mental self mostly, which can help her to establish her thought-processing patterns, beliefs etc. Reading books is a favorite way to improve mentally (Hanna, Suggett, Radtke, 2007). By developing her sense of mental self, Sammy could acquire critical and creative thinking which could encourage her to think matter deeply, dig out multi-level ideas, challenge assumptions, and examine the logic of differing points; hence, she can explore herself more specific and capable of differentiating between her ideal self, actual self, and ought self (Edward Tory Higgins, 1987). Having developed a creative thinking, Sammy could think about ideas in different ways and generate variety of possible solutions to any problems. These two kind of thinking ability will create more curiosity which turn to activate Sammy think much and examine others’ opinion rather just followed to do so. 3.2Discovering Self-Concept And Self Valuing Corresponding to the 2.2 problem of Sammy, i.e. low self-esteem, she ought to discover her self-concept indeed. The self-concept is the totality of her thoughts and feelings with reference to herself and is the foundation on which almost all her actions are based (Rosenberg, 1979), consisting (1) self-descriptions, (2) ideal self, and (3) self-esteem or self-worth. We can observed Sammy was keeping compared herself with others, which reflects her unsatisfactory on her actual self; nevertheless, maybe her ideal self is quite close to perfect, that makes her never accept her actual self and lower her self-esteem, and one of the areas which mostly affects is academic achievement. Studies have found a significant positive correlation between self-esteem and Grade Point Average (Baker, Beer, Beer, 1991, cited in Hanna, Suggett, Radtke, 2007). So, thoughts changing should be adopted. Sammy should think more positive instead of keeping meaningless comparsion and pursuing the ideal self. Sh e should be encouraged to reveal her interest, or participate more social gathering rather than staying at home for aimless surfing. 3.3Disclosing Self On Criticism Actually, Sammy’s parent has their own responsibilities, in which even delivering small quantities of criticism would be appreciated in a non-hurtful ways. However, my focus is on Sammy only; and so, I would suggest Sammy finding a positive way of communication. She needs to learn how to face criticism. Positive responses to criticism are important as it moves relationships in a positive direction. â€Å"The effective way to respond to criticism is to use an assertive style. It does not attack, surrender to, or sabotage the critic. It disarms the critic.† (McKay and Fanning, 2000) It is no use to response criticism emotionally. Sammy is encouraged to learn keeping a peaceful mind to receive any criticism. Rather than Shut herself up or lock the door, Sammy may try to express her different opinion to her parent but in calm. This self-disclosure helps knowing each others. Social penetration theory (Altman and Taylor, 1973) explains that close relationships develop in terms of increasing self-disclosure. Constructive criticism points out possibilities for improvement (Ginott, 1965). 4.Self Reflection In this case, I am found out the importance of self-knowing and self-valuing, and realize that an effective communication is really essential to build positive relationship. Not only communicate well on normal situation, but also we have to communicate healthy on criticism. In my case, my father is a kind of criticism-favor man, who loves to blame on everything since his 65 years old. Every time he shouted to us, just like Sammy, I quarreled with him first and shut up soon, or left his house, just let him alone . I though this is a smartest way to avoid meaningless argument with the old man. But the fact is he never stop quarrelling with me once I came back. Having studied this case, I started to ask my actual self: â€Å"Do I love my father?† The answer is â€Å"absolutely!† So, which drive me to think how to build a better relationship between us. Having known more about positive communication on criticism, one times, I didn’t run away, but listened to him peacefully. My old man shouted about half an hour, and finally stopped. Maybe he felt tired, and as I really listen carefully what he said, I tried to â€Å"communicate† my opinion with him peacefully and pointed out some my opinion about his arguments. Anyway, from that day on, we have less arguing, instead we talk more about the British Premier League.

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Comparing Social Expectations in Amy Tans The Joy Luck Club and Huckleberry Finn :: comparison compare contrast essays

Social Expectations in Joy Luck Club and Huckleberry Finn       Of the many novels written in recent history, perhaps two of the most of these society expectant novels are Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club, and Mark Twain's The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn. These books present the views of society very well, yet at the same time, differentiating very much from each other.    In The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn, a boy takes an incredible voyage down the river, representing life's journey. This voyage takes Huck Finn through many places, and demands him to make good moral decisions along the way, regardless of what society thinks. In the process of the story, Huck Finn learns that although society is usually correct in his eyes, he must learn to make decisions that he knows deviate from the values of society, yet he also learns that his decisions are morally correct.    In a different perspective, The Joy Luck Club sheds an different light on societies expectations, partly because of the different ethnicities involved in these two stories. The societal demands on the characters in the Joy Luck Club are very different from the ones expressed in Twain's novel. While the characters in The Joy Luck Club are Chinese immigrants, the characters involved in Twain's novel are White Americans, with the exception of Jim, the Black slave Huck learns to befriend. In critiquing these two novels, one notices that these two novels are in fact very different from each other, especially so in the aspects of societal expectations.      In The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn, the main conflict that comes up is that of the issue of slavery. The society in this novel does not even consider slavery to be wrong, while Huck Finn continues to shun slavery more and more, as the book unfolds. This very belief Huck Finn beholds is evident, with his ever growing friendship with Jim, a slave in the novel. While society sees Jim as property, Huck can discriminate, and sees past the societal ploy for ethical mistreat on another human being, more specifically on an entire race. In this same novel, other societal expectation are present, and noticeable. This is evident through Huck's education. Society expects him to be educated, while Huck resents this all the while (Twain 20,21). In this expectation of Huck by society, there can be found no wrong.

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Stress Log

Stress log Psychology 101 – Influence of the Media Assignment (40 pts) Fall 2010 DUE: After viewing Killing us softly 4 (2010), write a 2-3 page paper (600-800 words) on the influence of media and advertising on the public, both men and women. All papers should be typed and double-spaced. In your paper: 1. Discuss the assertion made in Killing Us Softly that the purpose of advertising is to sell us what we don’t need, to sell us values, and to sell us concepts of normal. (6 pts) 2. Using both videos and magazine pictures, discuss how media and advertising images affect how you see yourself, how you see others, and how others see you. 6 pts)3. Dr. Kilbourne does not advocate censorship, or banning all advertisements. What other ways do individuals have to protect themselves from any ill effects from advertising? What role would critical thinking play? (8 pts) 4. Using your chapter on Motivation and Emotion, demonstrate how advertising and media, generally, motivate our b ehaviors. (8 pts) 5. Do you believe that there are cumulative effects of these media messages? Whether your answer is yes or no, give reasons. (6 pts) 6. Grammar/spelling (3 pts) 7. Make sure you cite the movie in text using APA style (3 pts).See information below for citing a movie APA style In APA format the movie can be cited several ways. The movie title should always be italicized. If you describe a scene by saying something like: In the movie Killing us softly 4 (2010), Dr. Kilbourne says†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦ The title is italicized and the year is in parentheses. If you describe a scene by saying something like: Dr. Kilbourne says that advertisements are created to sell us values (Killing us softly 4, 2010). The title is italicized and both the title and year go in the parentheses before the period at the end of the sentence.

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Female Spies for the Union Civil War Espionage

Women were often successful spies because men didnt suspect that women would engage in such activity or have the connections to pass on information.   Confederate households were so used to ignoring the presence of enslaved servants that they didnt think to monitor the conversations held before those people, who could then pass the information along. Many spies -- those who passed on information useful to the Union that they had gained surreptiously -- remain unknown and unnamed.   But for a few of them, we have their stories. Pauline Cushman, Sarah Emma Edmonds, Harriet Tubman, Elizabeth Van Lew, Mary Edwards Walker, Mary Elizabeth Bowser and more: here are some of the many women who spied during the American Civil War, helping the cause of the Union and the North with their information. See also: Female Spies for the Confederacy Pauline Cushman:An actress, Cushman got her start as a Union spy when she was offered money to toast Jefferson Davis. Later caught with incriminating papers, she was saved just three days before her hanging by the arrival of the Union Army. With the revelations of her activities, she was forced to stop spying. Sarah Emma Edmonds:She disguised herself as a man to serve in the Union Army, and sometimes disguised herself as a woman -- or as a black man -- to spy on the Confederate troops. After her identity was exposed, she served as a nurse with the Union. Some scholars today doubt that she carried out as many spy missions as she claimed in her own story. Harriet Tubman:Better known for her trips -- nineteen or twenty -- into the South to free slaves, Harriet Tubman also served with the Union Army in South Carolina, organizing a spy network and even leading raids and spy expeditions including the Combahee River expedition. Elizabeth Van Lew:An abolitionist from a Richmond, Virginia,   family that held slaves, under her fathers will she and her mother could not free them after he died, though Elizabeth and her mother seem to have nevertheless effectively freed them.   Elizabeth Van Lew  helped bring food and clothing to Union prisoners and smuggled out information. She helped some escape and gathered information she overheard from guards. She expanded her activities, sometimes using invisible ink or hiding messages in food. She also placed a spy in the home of Jefferson Davis, Mary Elizabeth Bowser Mary Elizabeth Bowser:Enslaved by the Van Lew family and granted freedom by Elizabeth Van Lew and her mother, she passed information gleaned in Richmond, Virginia, to imprisoned Union soldiers who then passed the word to Union officers.   She later revealed she had served as a maid in the Confederate White House -- and, ignored while important conversations were held, passed along important information from those conversations and from papers she found. Mary Edwards Walker:Known for her unconventional dress - she often wore trousers and a mans coat - this pioneer physician worked for the Union Army as a nurse and spy while she waited for an official commission as a surgeon. Sarah Wakeman:Letters from Sarah Rosetta Wakeman were published in the 1990s, showing she had enlisted in the Union Army as Lyons Wakeman. She speaks in the letters about women who were spies for the Confederacy.